Teachers Educational Program (Al-Hassaka, Syria)

Training of new teachers in the province of Al-Hassaka with the support of the Albert Sevinc Foundation

In cooperation with the Albert Sevinc Foundation, Syriac Cross has launched an educational project in the province of Al-Hassaka, Syria. The aim of this project is to promote the teaching and dissemination of the Aramaic language, the language of Jesus Christ.

In this project, Syriac Christians as well as Kurds and Arabs are trained to learn Aramaic in order to continue teaching it.

The project begins with the recruitment of ten teachers, who will receive financial support for one year. These ten teachers train a total of 70 teachers in four working groups. Syriac Cross receives professional support from local Syriac priests and the Syriac Cultural Association Syria in implementing this project.

With the help of the Albert Sevinc Foundation (www.albert-sevinc-stiftung.com), a cultural heritage of Christianity is preserved.

INFO: In addition to this project, the Albert Sevinc Foundation supports other important projects in Syria:

  • kindergartens in Al-Qamishli and Al-Hassaka;
  • home care for seniors in Al-Hassaka;
  • a school laboratory in Al-Qamishli;
  • and financial support for couples who want to get married.