Opening of a kindergarten, city of Al-Hassaka (November 2017)

Kindergarten Al-Hassaka

The kindergarten, which opened in Al-Hassaka is called « Ishtar kindergarten ». Syriac Cross adopts an approach that serves all beneficiaries from different religions and ethnicities and takes special interest in chlidren, women and elderly. In this kindergarten 65 children found a place to get distracted from the war: 25 Syriac Christians, 20 Kurdish children and 20 are Arabs. Thus, this project is implementing a cultural and gender-sensitive provision of the project at all levels. In this kindergarten we teach the children, which are in the age of 3-6 years, in 3 different languages: Aramaic, Arabic and English.

The kindergarten gave women the opportunity to go to work while their children are protected in the kindergarten. Thus, women received the opportunity to improve the financial situation of their families and the children received the chance to play and sing with like-minded children. The children are supervised by teachers, who know their psychology and situation. In the long-term the kindergarten gives the children a better start to their hard life.

This projects has been realised with the kind support of the Comité de soutien aux Chrétiens d’Orient & Solidarité-Orient and Wallonie Bruxelles International.

November 2017