Kindergarten Project, Al-Hassaka Governate, Syria


The aim is to create space for children to be distracted from the war. The kindergartens offer protection and employment for refugee children. To ensure that everything can be designed for children, among other things, the following utensils are needed: toys and teaching material, kitchen area, indoor and outdoor furniture, office supplies (computers, printers), generator to the power line, TV and stereo.

Geography: Al-Qamishli, Derik and Al-Hassaka in the Al-Hassaka Governate in North East Syria

Service:  in cooperation with the Syriac Women Union in Syria

Needed funds per kindergarten: $ 40.000

In november 2017 Syriac Cross, with the support Comité de soutien aux Chretiens d’Orient & Solidarité-Orient and Wallonie Bruxelles International, already openend two kindergartens in the city of Al-Hassaka.