Distribution of winter kits in Homs & Al-Hassaka governorates (winter 2017/8)

In all Syrian governorates instability, chaos, insecurity and high prices make it a challenge for the Syrian people to survive. Most of the people face difficult conditions because of the high cost of living and lack of work. Since the war started, there is no constant power supply for house heating, therefore actions for the winter have to be taken to protect these Internally Displaced Persons and vulnerable groups. People mainly need aid to protect themselves from the cold  – fuel, blankets, winter clothes and other essential items such as food, medicine and sanitary materials for women and children.

Through distribution of winter kits (jackets and boots for children and adults) and winter blankets, families have been supported to survive and bear the hard winter.

In the winter of 2017-2018 Syriac Cross distributed 1100 winter blankets and 600 winter kits.