Distribution of hygiene kits and food parcels Homs Governate

In 2015 Syriac Christians in the Homs governorate faced several attacks by ISIS, such as the one on August 4th on Al-Quaryatayn. This attack forced thousands to flee to safer villages and cities in the governorate. Many fled to the town of Saddad and were able to find shelter there. But after attacks on the village of Hawareen, which was only 10 kilometers away from the town of Saddad, many Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and residents of Saddad had to flee to safer places in the Christian Valley of Syria. There is still a high number of IDPs. Furthermore, the residents of the Christian Valley are burdened and suffering from these bad conditions.  There is a lack of water, energy, medication and food. The high costs of living and lack of work makes it also very difficult to survive. Syriac Cross, with the support of St. Ismael Foundation, distributed hygiene kits and food parcels (with baby milk) to  500 families. Syriac Cross implemented this project together with local church communities.

Distribution of hygiene kits and food parcels is an ongoing activity of the Syriac Cross. The content of the food parcels: water (24 bottles per 1,5 liter), peas with tomatoes cans (12 per family), tuna cans (24 per family), sardin cans (24 per family), homos cans (12 per family), halawe box (1 kg, 3 pieces per family), jam (1kg, 2 pieces per family) and baby milk (2 kg).