Bethnahrain Organization for Women

Bethnahrain Organization for Women was elected in 2001 and started her activities in 2003 in Iraq. The organization especially focuses her activities on Suryoye (Assyrian-Aramean-Chaldean) women but also Iraqi women in general.


  • Organise social-cultural activities and economic development of women
  • Support women in standing up non-violently for their rights
  • Activate the role of women in reconciliation and society building
  • Strengthen the feeling of national unity with all national and religious denominations – without exceptions
  • Establish democracy and ending the politics of denial and repression
  • Democracy-building on the basis of equality
  • Supporting oppressed women and enhancing their role in society and in family-life
  • Servicing youth and children in society at large.

Since her establishment the Bethnahrain Organization for Women, in cooperation with international organisations, started and accomplished several educational projects for women, youth and children.