Children’s Easter excursion Lebanon

Easter excursion: making children aware of the importance of Easter

On April 29th, 2018 an excursion for 150 children was organized in cooperation with the Syriac Youth Union in Lebanon. The children who took part in this excursion came from needy and refugee families from Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

The children were taken by bus from Beirut to various places. First, the churches of Saint George and Saint Elias in Mont Lebanon were visited. The final destination was the Sami Kudsi retirement home in Atchaneh – Bikfaya, where the children were received by nuns. In the garden of the old people’s home, the children enjoyed a rich lunch and a colourful programme of games and entertainment.

The trip, which started at 8:30 AM, finally ended at 9 PM. All children were picked up by their parents at the place of departure.  Syriac Youth Union Lebanon and Syriac Cross thank the Shai Fund ( for making this Easter trip possible.


Distribution of food vouchers in Lebanon

The ongoing war in Syria and the insecurity in the liberated areas of Northern Iraq are reasons why many refugees are still persisting in Lebanon. It is known that the standard of living in Lebanon is very high and even local families with a low income do not have it easy.

In cooperation with the Syriac Youth Union, Syriac Cross has identified needy people and refugee families to support them with food vouchers. From March 15th – 16th, 2018 we received hundreds of people in the centre of the Syriac Youth Union to distribute food vouchers in addition to individual home visits. In total we were able to help 173 families, which consist of 684 family members. This project was funded by Shai Fund and the Brentwood United Methodist Church.


The European Aid Network introduces itself

Following the establishment of Syriac Cross in Syria in 2013, our organisation is expanding at a European level. Since 2015 Syriac Cross has been registered as a non-profit association in Sweden, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. In Switzerland the branch was registered under the name SCHlomo (

Different projects in different countries are on our agenda to organize aid for Suryoye and other needy people in the Middle East. The projects as a whole are very multilayered. A few examples:

  • Emergency aid in the form of hygiene and food packages;
  • The supply of heating oil and winter blankets;
  • Support for reconstruction.

During a broadcast on TV station Suroyo TV in Sweden, the aid network presented its work and explained further goals. The individual representatives were able to exchange views, inform about their activities and reflect on their activities. Future plans were also presented so that they could complement each other well and take along new ideas. Following the TV programme, all representatives met again for a workshop to define further cooperation.



Christmas in Syria: Syriac Cross organizes several Christmas parties

Christmas is a celebration of joy and charity, including bright children’s eyes and toys. With your financial support we were able to carry out our Christmas campaign in four cities in Syria and give many children in Derik, Rmilan, Qabre Hiwore and Qamishli a special Christmas.

A colourful programme accompanied the Christmas festivities, because music, dance and singing gave the children a lot of joy. Especially the gifts brought by Santa Claus were well received.

Take a look at our Christmas campaigns in the video and let yourself be enchanted by the cheerfulness of the children. We say “Thank you” for your support.

Ecumenical service at Pentecost in Sontra

Ecumenical service at Pentecost: Syriac Cross e. V. introduces itself in the North Hesse city of Sontra

The Evangelical, Catholic and Syriac-Orthodox church organised an ecumenical service on the day of Pentecost Monday, which was witnessed by about 400 guests from the city and its local area. After the celebration of the worship service, they met each other in the church yard of the Evangelical Church to exchange ideas. The women´s group of the Syriac-Orthodox Church prepared a wide variety of oriental dishes, such as stuffed vine leaves and filled dumplings in different types, that could be bought by the guests. The proceeds of this initiative in the amount of EUR 720 were donated to Syriac Cross e. V. and are for the benefit of people in need in Syria.

In the program of the day, there was a presentation about Syriac Cross e. V. to present the relief organisation and its aims and to make it public nationwide. Added to that, the audience had the possibility to learn about the current situation of the Christians and other minorities in the Middle East. Furthermore, the jubilee of 500 years Reformation was in main focus as there was offered an exhibition to that.


Sontra, the 5th June of 2017.