About Us

The Syriac Cross stands for human rights and equality for all. We operate according to the principles of the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), agreed in the Geneva Convention. The Syriac Cross was founded in 2013 in Al-Malikiyah, Syria, due to the massive need of humanitarian aid in a country raged in civil war. In time, the organization developed and established a broader platform to work in even more countries. We are currently present not only in Syria, but also in Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. Throughout our five years of work we have initiated and completed many projects that have helped thousands of families.


Following the establishment of Syriac Cross in Syria in 2013, our organisation has expanded at a European level. Since 2015 Syriac Cross has been officially registered as a non-profit association in Sweden, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. In Switzerland the branch was registered under the name SCHlomo (www.schlomo.info).

Different projects in different countries are on our agenda to organize aid for Suryoye (Syriacs) and other needy people in the Middle East. The projects are very multilayered: emergency aid in the form of hygiene and food packages, the supply of heating oil and winter blankets and support for reconstruction are just a few examples.


To provide humanitarian and relief assistance to IDP, vulnerable and refugee families.

To provide assistance to contribute to the development of social and health conditions.

To work on psychological support, health and education, with special focus on women and children.

To empower local communities and their participation in development projects.

To work on long-term and sustainable development project.

To respect cultural and spiritual differences, protecting environment and promoting human rights


Nahir Yeniay

President Syriac Cross Sweden

Behiye Linda Kilic

President Syriac Cross Germany

Raad Korkis

President Syriac Cross Syria

Sandra Korteweg-Vermeer

President Syriac Cross Netherlands

Jacques Eliazar

President Syriac Cross Belgium

Daniel Kopar

President SCHlomo Switzerland